SATEL XPRS Optimum IP Radio Router

Frequency range400…445 MHz
Tuning range45 MHz
Channel spacing12.5, 25 kHz
Sensitivity/Carrier powerSee the brochure
InterfaceEthernet, RS-232, RS-422/485
Data speed80.6 kbps
Operating voltage+10.6 Vdc…+30 Vdc
Power consumptionSee the brochure
Size/WeightRU+CU 130 x 76.8 x 76.5 mm / 900 g
ConnectorsPower, RF (TNC f), ETH (RJ45), USB-A, USB-B

SATEL XPRS Optimum Brochure

SATEL XPRS Optimum User Guide v1.1

SATEL XPRS Optimum IP radio router works as a cost-efficient core for the SATEL XPRS solution. It enables secure, reliable and private UHF wireless communication for modern IP networks. We have optimized its feature set to make it even more economical, but you can also order additional features according to your needs.

This radio router is an excellent choice, when and where ever mission-critical communications is required. Reliable communications ensure savings for the network owner. The solution is perfect match for applications, where every second of downtime means significant costs. SATEL XPRS Optimum IP radio router is perfect for utilities; water, power distribution and power transmission.

The optimal features included, for example

Routed mode, bridge broadcast mode, transparent mode for serial

Firewall (iptables, ebtables)

VLAN support

Encryption AES128, AES256

Link specific modulation (each remote can operate on separate modulation)

SNMP v1, 2, 3

USB diagnostics port

Special features can ordered separately

Proxy ARP: IP routing to remote networks in the same LAN or IP address range

NMS to Modbus: diagnostics with Modbus protocol

Application routing: DNP3 IP to serial, Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU, Serial IP, UDP/TCP Proxy, Sinaut S7, custom protocol etc.

IEC104/IEC101 conversion: protocol master is using IEC 60870-5-104, RTUs operate on IEC 60870-5-101

Redundant routing: IP routing table enhancement: automatic route selection, VRRP and other related features for high-availability

Adaptive modulation:radio interface automatically adapts to SNR level

Upgrade 16QAM to 32QAM: to achieve higher radio bit rate, up to 101 kbps

Upgrade 16QAM to 64QAM: to achieve higher radio bit rate, up to 121 kbps

Upgrade 32QAM to 64QAM: to achieve higher radio bit rate, up to 121 kbps

Available models and product codes:

SATEL XPRS Optimum with AES encryption on radio interface (YF0410)

SATEL XPRS Optimum without AES encryption on radio interface (YF0415)

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