Frequency range400…445 MHz
Tuning range45 MHz
Channel width12.5, 25 kHz (software selectable) Frequencies
with 6.25 kHz channel spacing
Sensitivity/Carrier powerSee the brochure
InterfaceEthernet, RS-232, RS-422/485
IndicatorsLED, display
Data speed121 kbps@25 kHz, 64 QAM Modulation
Operating voltage+10.6 Vdc…+30 Vdc
Power consumptionSee the brochure
Size (LED side view)/WeightRU+CU 130 x 77.2 x 76.5 mm / 940 g
ConnectorsPower, RF (TNC female), ETH (RJ45), USB-A, USB-B

SATEL XPRS Central Unit user guide V2.2

SATEL XPRS Radio Unit user guide V2.4

SATEL XPRS IP radio router is used in the SATEL XPRS communications solution. It provides high available connectivity with reliable radio technology and switchover functionality. Redundant routing with adjacent technologies is also provided. In addition to IP communications, support for serial components is ensured by serial modes of operation as well as protocol conversions. This means that network modernization processes can be done in a smart way step-by-step.

The SATEL XPRS IP radio router’s redundant routing monitors the path to intended destinations and in case of path failure it automatically switches to an alternative route. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) support provides seamless hot-standby switchovers to redundant radio router or other VRRP supporting network device. Together redundant routing and VRRP provide high-available and reliable communication.

VLAN support expands SATEL XPRS IP radio router’s easy integration into even more complex infrastructures. Quality of Service (QoS) enables bandwidth load balancing and sharing between different types of data traffic. Firewall increases security by blocking harmful or unnecessary traffic.

SATEL XPRS IP radio router’s benefits include

Meets the mission critical connectivity requirements: high availability, long-range connectivity, easy and error-free deployment

Integrated serial and IP networking support and conversions

Configuration is easy with NETCO, centralized configuration software

Cyber security: data encryption according to AES-128/AES-256 standards, built-in firewall, user authentication, secure browser access

Available models and product codes:

SATELLAR XT 5RC QAM without display (YF0210)

SATELLAR XT 5RC QAM with display (YF0220)

SATELLAR XT 5RC QAM without display and encryption (YF0215)

SATELLAR XT 5RC QAM with display, without encryption (YF0225)

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