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UK’s Premium supplier of Satel Modems since 1991

Mission Critical wireless data communications, world wide approval

Plug and go

Extensive range of plug and go modems with world wide type approvals


Reliability has always been the main reason SATEL modems are used more than any other.


OEM boards to build into your systems with assistance should you need it.

  • Machine Control
  • GNSS
  • Monitoring
What our customers say

“we wish more of our suppliers were like XL Systems for service and support”

an offshore company.
The Whole Package

XL Systems can provide all the cables and antennae applications from end fed dipole to magnetic mount quarterwave.

An Important Note! Please remember that it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the chosen radio frequency is clear and available for use and that any required fees are paid and correct licences obtained.  For use in EU countries please check local power regulations. XL Systems Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for system failure or legal proceedings either due to radio interference from a third party or failure to comply to local regulations.

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