XL and SATEL work together to ensure that they are committed to carrying out their business in a sustainable way. SATEL radio technology is designed, manufactured and tested in Finland. SATEL has a long tradition of environmentally friendly practices, and perform highly in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.

SATEL and XL Systems Ltd follow a Code of Conduct that describes the most important principles and practices for their employees. The company and the products comply with applicable laws and regulations, and we respect human rights defined by the United Nations. We ensure a fair and safe working environment for all our employees.

SATEL’s target is to develop and produce environmentally advanced, sustainable solutions. SATEL have ISO 9001 2015 UK and ISO 14001 2015 UK  certifications. Their manufacturing has been lead-free since July 1st 2006, when the EU’s RoHS directive came into effect and limited the use of hazardous substances in electronics. As a pioneer of adopting new manufacturing technologies, we were already using cutting edge processes.

SATEL also maintain continuous processes for reducing energy consumption and improving recycling efficiency in production as well as other operations. Initiatives for reducing the environmental footprint of the company are reviewed and updated regularly.

SATEL radio products are made to last. The standard warranty is three years, but the products can actually serve your business over many more. They are fully recyclable as electronic waste, please refer to your nearest electrical recycling point.

XL Systems recycle all waste where suitable and are aiming to run a paperless office printing only delivery notes and shipping paperwork. All invoices are sent electronically.