SATEL-TR49 is a small dual band and multimode transceiver. It uses the licensed 410-475 MHz and licence-free 902-928 MHz bands. This is the first product available in SATEL GO product family with revolutionary features: two frequencies in compact design, practical interfaces, and easy integration.

SATEL-TR49 Brochure

SATEL-TR49 Integration Guide v1.8

SATEL radio Modules GPIO Interface v1.1

Specifications 410 … 475 MHz

Frequency range410 … 475 MHz
Tuning range65 MHz
Channel spacing12.5 / 25 / 50 kHz, selectable
Sensitivity/Carrier power-120 dBm for 1% BER / 1 W
Data speedRadio 19200 bps / Serial 115200 bps
ModulationGMSK, 4-GFSK
Encryption supportAES128 as default / AES256 as an order option

Specifications 902 … 928 MHz

Frequency range902 … 928 MHz
Spreading methodFrequency hopping
Hopping bands7, user selectable
Hopping patterns15 per band, 105 total, user selectable
Hopping channels50–112, user selectable
Sensitivity/Carrier power-109 dBm / 1 W
Data speedRadio and serial 115200 bps

SATEL-TR49 is compatible with SATELLINE / SATEL product lines on 410-475 MHz and on 902-928 MHz bands. SATEL-TR49 is a frequency hopping spread spectrum transceiver module that is, thanks to it’s small size, easy to integrate into a host device.

Complies with requirements in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

Available models and product codes:

  • SATEL-TR49, region all, with AES128 encryption support (YM8490)
  • SATEL-TR49, region all, without AES128 encryption support (YM8495)
  • SATEL-TR49, region US/CA, with AES128 encryption (YM8500)
  • SATEL-TR49, region US/CA, without encryption (YM8505)
  • SATEL-TR49, region Australia/Brazil, with AES128 encryption (YM8510)
  • SATEL-TR49, region Australia/Brazil, without encryption (YM8515)
  • SATEL-TR49, region New-Zealand, with AES128 encryption (YM8520)
  • SATEL-TR49, region New-Zealand, without encryption (YM8525)