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Frequency range403…473 MHz
Tuning range70 MHz
Channel spacing6.25*), 12.5, 20*) and 25 kHz, software selectable*)uses 12.5 kHz channel width
Sensitivity/Carrier power-116 dBm / 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 W
InterfaceRS-232 / USB
BluetoothBT2.1 + EDR and BLE 4.1
Data speedRadio 28800 bps / Serial 115200 bps (25 kHz)
Operating voltage+12 … +30 Vdc
Power consumption
12 Vdc
Charging: 7.4 W
Charging + RX: 8.4 W
Charging + TX: 13.2 W @ 1 W RF
Device OFF: 0.46 W
RX: 1.32 W
TX: 5.8 W @ 1 W RF
Operational time
6 hours @ TX 1 W (50 %)
8 hours @ TX 0.5 W (50 %)
20 hours @ RX only
Charging time
4 hours @ 2 A
Size/Weight165 x 55 x 55 mm / 420 g
ConnectorsM12 circular / TNC female

SATEL Compact-4BT radio modem combines UHF radio modem, Bluetooth and internal battery with IP67 classified housing. It is an excellent choice when you do not have an integrated radio module inside the device or when cabling between the device and external radio is not practical.

For demanding field conditions

SATEL Compact-4BT is particularly well suited for outdoor use under varying weather conditions, for example in applications such as land surveying, agriculture and machine control.

Easy mobile use with great features

Long-range UHF multichannel radio modem and short-range Bluetooth guarantee the connectivity to different rovers and other devices

The lithium-ion battery provides long-lasting performance and plenty of operating hours

IP67 ensures that the radio modem is waterproof and secured against dust

Wireless modem configuration via Bluetooth (Android app)

Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth (SPP)

USB connections (serial data, modem configuration)

Easy to carry

Versatile mounting options

Exceptional vibration tolerance; excellent choice for robust mobile use

AES128 encryption support available

SATEL Compact-4BT is compatible with many other SATEL radio modems and also with other manufacturers’ modems.

Easy configuration

SATEL Compact-4BT can be configured by using the well-known SATEL Configuration Manager or SaTerm programs, or by a mobile application called SATEL NETCO mobile. Mobile application can be downloaded from Google Play.

Available models and product codes:

SATEL Compact-4BT (YM6590)

SATEL Compact-4BT without AES128 encryption support (YM6591)

Installation parts (WP0200)

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