SATELLINE-3AS is a half-duplex radio modem suitable for a variety of data transfer applications, in particular, those demanding high speed and precision. In addition to the maximum data speed of 19.2 kbps and channel spacings 25 kHz or 12.5 kHz, 3AS offers a number of additional features and functions to make it one of the most versatile and easy to use radio data modems in the world.

The model 3AS now offers RS422/RS485 as well as the standard RS232. The new optional interfaces extend the capability of the modem and will be particularly welcome for the process control applications.

The SATELLINE-3AS software includes a selectable error correction, to reduce errors caused by interference

SATELLINE-3AS is compatible with the interface types RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485. Software updates can be downloaded via the RS232 interface

The SATELLINE-3ASd is equipped with a LCD display of its own, which facilitates programming of the radio modem without the aid of a PC this is particularly useful if you are in a remote location.

Higher speed - Greater Throughput

In most cases, radio data networks have continuos growth, therefore speed and accuracy of the data tranfered is important. Satel have responded to these demands by producing the 3AS radio data modem which is capable of 19.2kbps through the air with full error checking if required. Currently the largest single installation on a 3km site has over 250 modems in is still expanding

The SATELLINE-3AS offers several new options related to the use of the radio modem. For the first time, there is a built-in hardware compatibility with three selectable data interfaces, the RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.

A special Model of the radio modem, the SATELLINE-3ASd, is equipped with a LCD display, which provides the user with several new, useful functions. The display can be utilised in the Setup mode for example, during the implementation stage. Thanks to the display it is possible to change the setups of the radio modem in the field without using an external terminal. It can also be used for testing the quality of the radio connection between the stations.

A versatile radio modem with a number of user's choices

The SATELLINE-3AS radio modem consists of a synthesized transceiver and a modem board, packed in a compact aluminum case. The Model SATELLINE-3ASd is additionally equipped with an LCD display and four key keypad to allow parameter changes to be made.

SATELLINE-3AS exhibits a maximum data speed of 19.2 kbps. Two channel spacings, 25 kHz and 12.5 kHz are available. The corresponding numbers of radio channels are 80 and 160, respectively.

SATELLINE-3AS is compatible with the three most widely used standard data interfaces RS- 232, RS-422 and RS-485. The radio modem can be connected to a terminal with any one of these interfaces. The data speed is selectable within the limits 300.38 400 bps.

The SATELLINE-3AS the error rate is minimized by means of advance checking and correction of the data packets. In Forward Error Correction (FEC), the data packets are split in several blocks. The radio modem adds correction information inside the blocks at transmitting.

The radio modem has three basic operating modes: the Data Transfer mode, Setup mode and Test mode. In the basic SATELLINE-3AS the setting of operating parameters and selection of mode and function is performed with a PC through the RS interface. The SATELLINE-3ASd is equipped with a LCD display and four push buttons. In addition to changing the setups of the radio modem, the display is used for testing the operating condition of the radio connection.

The software of the SATELLINE-3AS resides in a flash memory. The updating of the radio modem programs is entirely software-based. The flash memory is reprogrammable through an RS interface.

SATELLINE-3AS can be operated at a voltage range 9 to 30 V. In practice this means that the radio modem is adaptable to both 12 Vdc and 24 Vdc systems.

Auxiliary functions

In case there is a need to extend the coverage of the radio modem network, the SATELLINE- 3AS radio modem can be used as a repeater station. In the repeater function, it receives a data packet (max length 1 kB) and transmits it immediately further.

With the radio modem in the Test mode, the state of the radio connection can be tested by means of data packets or the carrier wave.

The Data Transfer mode of the SATELLINE-3AS includes a Command Program function in which the radio channel and addresses can be changed on-line from the serial port of the radio data modem. The changes are effected by means of a specific programming package (SL command), which is entered amidst ordinary data.

 Low Voltage Versions  SATELLINE-3AS/(d)

After overwhelming demand  SATELLINE-3AS modems are available in Low Voltage versions. The range is from 6.5 V to 8.5 V with the nominal voltage being 7.2 Volts. They fall under the existing Type Approvals. This feature is especially useful, in applications where the power is generated by battery or solar panels.


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