XL Systems

A family company, founded in 1990, XL specialize in SATEL Oy’s range of wireless data solutions for a multitude of applications.  We supply to a wide range of industry from many offshore applications to motor racing and farming, also target and positioning information, camera control, wind farms, port control and warehousing.  We always put the customer first and have a reputation for high levels of service and support.

Finally - What our Customers say about us!!

Hi Melissa,

Just a short note to thank you for the service and support we’ve had recently; I know we put a lot of pressure on you and XL Systems for best lead times and prices but in the current climate I’m sure you’re aware that we are under similar pressures of cost and delivery.

In the circumstances, the support we receive in terms of timely deliveries and the rapid response we get to technical queries is commendable and I hope is indicative of the good relationship that Oceantech has with XL Systems and reflect the quality of their association with their principals, Satel Oy.

A good product from a reliable manufacturer via an excellent distributor - well done Satel and XL Systems.


Great job!

I wish all of our suppliers would work at least 1/10 fast as you do :)

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